OUR ANIMAL MARKET OPENS ON MARCH 30, 2023. Daily sales will include Cattle, Goats, Sheep/Ram, and Animal Feed.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of multi-disciplinary Farming, Research, Environmental Studies, Trading, Marketing, Integrated Farms Systems Development, Equipment Fabrication, Consultancy and Construction Services consortium in Dairy Farms and Ranch Development; Abattoir and Meat plant Design, general Construction and Management; Facility Management/ Maintenance services as well as Livestock and Engineering Procurement Services.

Our Mission

To facilitate the survival and success of our country, continent’s food supply in various production and market spheres with the planned and organized use of sustainable cost-effective solutions.

Our Vision

To become the foremost Integrated Farming; Food and Meat Processing; Industrial Corporate service provider; Engineering Development and Marketing by bringing quality and innovation to unique professional function in addressing national food security and our clients’ needs.

Providing Value-added Services is our Utmost Interest

The need to give better and more value-added services to our clients prompted our gradual transformation. By bringing on board experienced and talented professionals as strategic detached partners, we were able to expand our operations across Africa while still establishing ourselves in our focused sectors of the Nigerian economy. Our services are delivered with the utmost interest of clients in mind. We are a company set out to provide unique and unbeatable services in the African economies being re-defined by competition. Our thrust is quality service delivery.

Our Subsidiaries

KIRE GROUP is made up of quite a few subsidiaries namely, Kire Integrated Farms and Markets Limited; John House Services and Agro Allied Limited; SCNC Abattoir Services Limited; EnviroDev Technologies Limited and DROJ Consortium (Uganda) Limited. The entire group most start and end specific food product production value chains.