OUR ANIMAL MARKET OPENS ON MARCH 30, 2023. Daily sales will include Cattle, Goats, Sheep/Ram, and Animal Feed.

Providing End-to-end Value in the Food Processing Chain

Kire Group comprises several subsidiaries in the meat, crop, and livestock product processing food chain. We bring quality and innovation to addressing national food security and our clients’ needs.

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Who We Are

KIRE GROUP is made up of quite a few subsidiaries namely, Kire Integrated Farms and Markets Limited; John House Services and Agro Allied Limited; EnviroDev Technologies Limited and DROJ Consortium (Uganda) Limited. The entire group start and end specific food product value chains.


We collaborate with the local population.

We engage the location population in provincial agricultural operations and projects by creating job opportunities at various levels to transform Africa.

OEM Manufacturers & More

Unbeatable quality to serve you.

We have diversified to being OEM manufacturers’ representatives to fill in some gaps in the very fast growing Nigerian and African consumer market.

Modern Farming and Consultancy

A slew of services.

We are engaged in integrated crop and livestock farming models to provide modern designs, management, food chain, and model integration.

What We Do

Our core focus is Institutional Assessment & Change Management; Process Facilitation; Information Gathering; Value Chain Development; Processed Products improvement and Capacity Building.

Highest Grade Meat Finishing

From the rich crop and fodder fields, high-quality nutrition is passed to our Animals in the Feedlots before being processed in our Mechanized Processing Plant with great care by our professionals in Meat Processing and delivered to you by our Cold Chain management and logistics professionals.

Partner With Us

We bring quality and innovation to addressing national food security and our various sectoral clients’ needs.

Kire Integrated Farms and Markets comprises of a chain of complementary subsidiaries:

  • Modern Cattle Sheep and Goats Market for the general public at Ikire Town
  • Cattle, Sheep and Goats Feedlot that support our Meat Processing business
  • Mechanized Abattoir and Meat Processing Plant
  • A crop and Fodder Grass farm that produce feed for our animals to thrive
  • Diary farm that produce milk for major Milk Producers in Nigeria
  • Fish farm that produce fish protein for our teeming population – Tilapia and Catfish